The power to make better
drug pricing decisions

AnalySource® offers premier access to the First Databank drug pricing database. Even better, our dedicated team provides knowledgeable, reliable, rapid assistance on demand.

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High-quality drug pricing data
First Databank drug pricing data, well beyond the industry-standard WAC prices
More than 90 searchable formulation, therapeutic classification, package and pricing details per product
Current, obsolete and decades of historical pricing information
Independent confirmation that information appearing in the interface matches First Databank’s raw data feed
Easy-to-use interface
  • Multiple watch list
    and alert settings
  • Advanced onscreen
    data management
  • Robust filtering options in a simple column/row interface
  • Complex queries and
    graphing capability
  • Onscreen report and graph previews make Excel exports simple
Assistance and support
  • Introductory training
  • Quarterly refreshers and
    advanced webinars
  • On-demand training
    and assistance
  • Weekly e-news covering pricing
    activity and FDA approvals